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Male Chastity

Many individuals have dreamt about what it might be like to hand over control to someone else. Giving someone else the ability to select and make decisions relieves them of a burden in certain ways. Furthermore, it might arouse them and give them an erotic concentration on the keyholder that they had not before anticipated. One method people have explored this fetish is by wearing a chastity device such as a chastity belt or a chastity cage.

chastity cage

Chastity Device Buying Guide

When someone is interested in chastity, they will search for ways to try it. It's advisable to read the FAQ below to discover how to determine the optimum device size. However, some of the most popular gadgets that have been tested and proven by numerous chastity device lovers are listed below!


Imprisoned in a Soft Body Chastity Cage

Excellent for short-term use when experimenting with chastity cages. TPE material is waterproof and see-through. There is no lock included, so no need to worry about misplacing keys!

Cock Cage Made of Silicone

This locking cage is composed of silicone, making it more comfortable to wear, simpler to fit into, and less likely to set off security alarms. There are three sizes available.

Female Chastity Belt

Adjustable This low-cost alternative for female chastity is an excellent starting point! This locking device is intended for short-term use and covers the vagina and anus. The material is PU leather.


The CB6000S Male Chastity Device is ideal for extended use. This gadget allows the wearer to fine-tune their tight fit. This variation is designed for men with shorter cocks. Try the CB6000 Male Chastity Device if you need additional length.

Women's Adjustable Steel Chastity Belt

This female chastity belt is attractive and restricts submissives' access to their vagina and clitoris. It contains bathroom holes, but only the keyholder has the ability to unlock them and experience pleasure! It comes with tools and hardware to help you get the right fit.

Chastity Cock Cage with Advanced E-Stim

Once you've gotten used to the idea of chastity, try adding some excitement! While imprisoned in this electrical stimulation cock cage, the keyholder may shock their slave!

Estim Male Chastity Cage with Electro Lockdown

While a typical chastity device prevents your partner from reaching a full erection, this chastity device goes a step further by including electrostimulation. Once you get your partner within the device, the conductive silicone lets you to deliver e-stim electricity to his cock.

 CB6000S Male Chastity

Chastity Cage in a Spiked Chamber

This cruel cage was created for the ultimate BDSM fan looking for a chastity device that both intimidates and excites! The interior of the cage is coated with beautiful spikes that are acute enough to excite but dull enough not to harm your subs part.

Female Steel Chastity and Restraints System

For hardcore bondage fans, this complete body chastity outfit is wonderfully sensual and prevents the subject from being entered or touching themself anywhere! The anus has one orifice for bathroom use. The keyholder will limit the submissive's every movement with chains and shackles.

Sterile Lubricating Jelly is a must-have accessory when toying with chastity devices. Apply lubrication to the interior of the cock cage and the crotch area of the chastity belt. Sterile lube aids in the prevention of germs and enhances cleanliness.

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A chastity device is a device worn around the genitalia to prohibit intercourse or masturbation. Because of the large demand for them, devices for males are often more varied and available, but there are just a few chastity devices available for women. Men wear chastity cages, which make it virtually impossible to develop an erection, while women wear chastity belts, which prevent them from touching or being penetrated in any way.
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