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Tenga Spinners

TENGA, the sex toy of the future.

The future of sex toys is here! TENGA, the sex toy of the future that was created to be a healthier, safer, and more hygienic alternative to traditional sex toys. TENGA is an air pump with a circular vibrating ring that creates powerful suction. It has a flexible, multidirectional, and easy-clean design.

TENGA Spinners

Back in 2018 TENGA released a set of three new reusable products, theTENGA SPINNERs. Each of these bad boys has an internal coil which makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke. They also featured a handy visual graph to show the differences between theTETRA,HEXA, andSHELL. The factors judged by three criteria: firmness, stimulation and diameter.


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The FLIP HOLE series is the largest of all the FLIP Series of products, with four different items to choose from. It was also the pioneer in products that can be opened which changed the game in terms of hygiene. Many male sex toys before the FLIP HOLE tended to be difficult, annoying or take ages to clean. The first of the FLIP Series, although older in design than the other two, addressed this issue by being able to open up for easy cleaning and drying, and also brought a whole new world of sensations into the mix! 

The key feature of the series is the three ‘buttons’ on each unit. These buttons can be pressed while using the device to add additional pressure where the user wants it. The FLIP HOLE is also known as a product that can easily be used with men who experience difficulties in becoming erect, with the flip design allowing the user to start using the product before gaining a full erection by closing the product after placing their penis inside, rather than inserting into an already closed item.


The FLIP ORB (white) and the FLIP ORB Strong (black) main differences come from the firm, flexible orbs and surrounding sleeve material. While the FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH and ORANGE CRASH offer the standard stimulation and firmness of a FLIP Series product, the FLIP ORB STRONG BLUE RUSH and STRONG ORANGE CRASH take their firmness to a whole new level with ORBs and a sleeve material designed to give, as the name implies, a stronger stimulation for the user.

It also depends on what stimulation you'd like. The FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH and FLIP ORB STRONG BLUE RUSH have ORBs designed to give a ricocheting feeling as you penetrate. The ORANGE CRASH and STRONG ORANGE CRASH however stimulate the top and bottom of the penis.


The FLIP ORB contains firm, flexible orbs encased in a soft elastomer that shift and ripple as you pass through. The ORBs are designed to flex and move as you insert, creating a layered stimulation for a completely new sensation different to others in the FLIP Series!

Another key feature of the FLIP ORB is that it is the first hourglass-shaped item in the FLIP series, with a cap instead of the slide arms seen in some of the other series. This shape makes the product easier to hold and gives the user a satisfying squeeze mid-way through inserting!

TENGA Hole Lotion

Each of TENGA's products offer a variety of differing stimulating experiences, but lube is an important part of using a sex toy and can make all the difference. TheTENGA HOLE LOTIONSeries was designed to be used with TENGA products, but to be the perfect water-lubricant to make your TENGA sex toy feel as enjoyable as possible! Proper lubrication with the right kind of lotion is an essential addition for a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Each of the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series offers a particular level of viscosity that can enhance the stimulation from your TENGA sex toy in various ways. They can also be combined together for a truly unique experience.